What’s On The Horizon: 2021 Project Preview

ESS Editor | Thursday May 6, 2021

Despite the uncertainty of 2020, ESS rolled into 2021 with confidence. By March of 2021, our teams had secured a healthy backlog for 2021 and beyond. Big kudos goes out to all of our estimators and pursuit teams. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to put up these kinds of win rates. They are some of the best in the biz. Their efforts have helped ESS lock in some stellar projects!

The following profiles are just a few of the projects our teams are constructing in 2021 and beyond! Combined, these featured projects total nearly $77 million of infrastructure that will be put in place.

Hutchens Construction
Project: Will Rogers Turnpike
Location: Ottawa County, OK
Start Date: April, 2021
Project Description:

Hutchens Construction, An Emery Sapp & Sons Company was awarded the pavement rehabilitation contract for the 5.4-mile Will Rogers Turnpike in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. This high-traffic roadway improvement project will be one of the biggest on their books this year. Our teams secured this project by submitting an aggressive schedule with a proposed completion date 10 days earlier than the closest competitor. Employee-owners are projected to place 28,257 Tons of Superpave S4 Asphalt in just 55 days. In addition to fast-track production, the Turnpike Commision will also benefit from our high-quality Superpave S4 mix. This mix is designed for high-performance and will extend the life-cycle of the pavement.

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Springfield & Springdale
Project: Springfield Sports Complex
Location: Springfield, MO
Start Date: April 2021
Project Description:

Crossland Construction awarded ESS the full site package contract for the Springfield Sports Complex. Construction began on April 26th, 2021 and is estimated to be finished by the end of the summer. This 52-acre complex will feature 12 full size soccer fields, and one impressive recreational indoor facility. In addition to the $1.83 Million sitework package, ESS was also awarded the asphalt pavement package for this project.

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Kansas City
Project: Old Dominion Freight Line Service Center
Location: Bonner Springs, KS
Start Date: April 2021
Project Description:

ESS was recently selected by General Contractor DF Chase for the $9.2 Million commercial site and roadway construction of the Old Dominion Freight Line Service Center in Kansas City, Kansas. The new service center will house 277 parking stalls for trucking, a state-of-the-art maintenance facility, a cross dock and offices. Our employee-owners were able to secure this project by providing a comprehensive bid package for multiple scopes of work including excavation, underground utilities and pavement stabilization. ESS teams broke ground on this project at the end of April and are scheduled to complete our scope of work in just 12 months!

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Project: Discovery Parkway Extension
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Start Date: May 2021
Project Description:

ESS was awarded the sitework and paving packages for the Discovery Parkway Extension project in Columbia, Missouri. Employee-owners will begin construction on this $4.5 Million project this month. The Discovery Parkway Extension will be the final leg of the Rolling Hills Road project that completes the South East loop around Columbia. ESS was fortunate to be a part of the Rolling Hills Road project in the past, and are excited to be on the construction team for the final phase of this important community project.

The Discovery Parkway Extension project is one of the largest City of Columbia, Missouri projects being constructed in 2021. With a project scope that includes excavation, underground utilities, bridge construction and concrete paving, this project will provide a substantial volume of work for our local Columbia teams.

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Heavy Highway
Project: McDonald County I-49
Location: McDonald County
Start Date: May 2020
Project Description:

In May of 2020 ESS teams began work on a 5-mile stretch of divided highway connecting Arkansas to Missouri on Interstate 49. The McDonald County I-49 project was the last remaining segment of ArDOT and MoDOT’s plan to connect the two states. Over the course of 12 months, our teams have moved an impressive 3.5 million cubic yards of dirt. We plan to pave a grand total of 237,000 square yards of concrete and 9,000 tons of asphalt. Employee-owners will continue to deliver big results throughout 2021 and plan to finish this project at the end of September 2021. The completion of this project will decrease traffic congestion and make commuting much easier for both Arkansans and Missourians alike.

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