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"Bleeding Blue"

Last year the Journey Committee recognized individuals within our company whose actions show them “bleeding blue” through their daily hard work and commitment to Emery Sapp and Sons. These three individuals tend to go the extra mile and raise the bar for others working alongside them. They are the true definition of best-in-class, and are recognized as “Blue Bloods.”

ESS employee-owners take pride in their work. They have worked tirelessly to build what is now revered as a best-in-class contracting company in the midwest. Through this intense feeling of ownership, we’ve created a culture that isn’t just an average company to work for, it’s OUR company. Many of the legacy employee-owners who have watched ESS grow over the past 48 years are nearing retirement, so the Journey Committee wanted to recognize the next generation that will continue what we have worked so hard to accomplish.

How do you become a blue blood?
Becoming a Blue Blood is more than just an award you receive. This is a true feeling of ownership. Coming to work knowing that you are giving it your all each and every day, because once all is said and done, your work affects your ESOP. With that being said, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents and Superintendents nominate an individual every year. Then the Journey Committee votes on the top three nominees they feel most embody the criteria below.


Blue Bloods Criteria

  • A minimum of 5 years of service
  • Demonstrates pride in ESS
  • Displays a talent to teach and develop fellow employee-owners
  • Demonstrates pride in his or her work
  • Conducts and aligns him or herself with our core values
    • Employee-Owners
    • Relationships
    • The “ESS” Way
    • The Spirit of Innovation
    • Adequate Reserves & Profitability

Ready to meet your 2020 Blue Bloods?

Angie Regan

Angie has been drinking the ESS kool-aid for more than 17 years, and is currently an Executive Coordinator for the Columbia office. Of all the ESS core values, Angie strives to build and invest in relationships every single day. The relationships Angie has made through the years motivate her to continue her dedication to employee-ownership, not to mention – the closer she gets to retirement – the more valuable her ESOP looks!

“It takes an entire team to make this company successful, so take ownership in what you do daily – because it matters. A wheel cannot fully function with broken spokes.” said Angie regarding employee-ownership.

If you were a Crayon, what color would you be?
Orange, although my hubby says yellow!

What is a secret talent you have that no one knows about?
I’m not sure it is a talent, but I enjoy educating myself about wild edibles – so during the apocalypse when the rest of you are starving, I can feed my family with critters and Missouri plants I have turned into fritters, jellies, salads, soups…..and wine!

Doug Whitworth

Doug has been with ESS for 18 years, and is currently our corporate Job Cost Manager based out of the Columbia office. The culture within ESS motivates Doug to live by the values of employee-ownership each and every day. He enjoys the work-hard, play-hard team environment where everyone has an impact on the bottom line. Doug is proud of the ownership he has in his role and the impact he has made. He has enjoyed watching the company grow substantially since the days when ESS only had one office. “I’m proud to be a part of the growth, see our stock rise to numbers no one could ever dream of, and develop a job costing system that is second to none from any other company,” stated Doug.

When asked what it means to him to be a Blue Blood recipient, Doug said, “as an employee-owner, I know that every decision I make in my job will have an impact on all of our employee-owners – you have to own your job and be proud of it.”

Where is your favorite place in the world?
Anywhere with a beach! There’s nothing better than white sand, deli sandwich, ice cold beer and music.

What is a secret talent you have that no one knows about?
My grandfather taught me to say my ABC’s backwards when I was a little kid and can still rattle it off, also I played in an 80’s long hair band that paid for college back when mullets and spandex were cool. They were, right?

Randy Mauzey

Randy has been a part of the ESS family for 19 years now and is currently a project superintendent with our highway division. When asked what it meant to him to be an employee-owner, Randy said it was all about being a part of something bigger than himself. He lives out ESS’ core values every day by putting his heart and soul into each job.

“Looking at the finished product and knowing I helped create something that will be there for years to come is what makes me the most proud of my job,” said Randy.

Who is your least favorite superhero and why?
Batman….he is creepy

What do you do in your free time?
Spend time with my granddaughter

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Published onPublicado en September 24, 2020
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