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Missouri's First Crane Training Center

In partnership with State Technical College of Missouri (State Tech) and Associated General Contractors of Missouri (AGCMO), Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) is proud to announce that Missouri’s first Crane Training Center has officially opened! Students participating in this new week-long course will have the opportunity to earn their crane certification through written and practical training. As the first facility of its kind in the state, ESS is proud to be a part of the partnership that brought this trailblazing opportunity to life.

The new Crane Training Center, located on the State Tech campus in Linn, Missouri, will enable many firms, including ESS, to educate future crane operators locally. This will save students and companies ample time, money, and resources that would otherwise be spent travelling to out-of-state facilities or setting up temporary testing sites. Now, prospective crane operators can choose to be certified right here in our region.

Commenting on the new training facility, Chip Jones, P.E., Vice President said, “ESS is committed to growing the construction industry workforce. We continue to give back and invest in practical upskilling opportunities for those who want a career in the trades. We’re excited to see the development of this crane certification program. It is a beneficial asset to both the regional craft workforce and the community at large. We look forward to watching the students in this program grow their skills and accelerate their careers in construction.”

Brad Lindsey with our Workforce Development team has been a driving force in the installation of this new facility. Not only did our Workforce team spearhead the construction of the new crane testing site, but Brad himself helped develop the area that this new facility would be placed on. With the help of one of our paving foreman, Phil Divine and several State Tech students, Brad ran a track loader to level the site where the concrete pad would go. Phil then helped instruct the students how to pour the concrete pad. The State Tech students were engaged throughout the entire process and were able to gain insightful hands-on experience.

“As we go forward we are seeing a growing need for a skilled workforce within our industry. To fill this need we are investing back into our community and people, but most importantly our youth. This new training program streamlines the crane certification process and unlocks opportunities for so many aspiring to build a career in construction,” stated Brad.

Published onPublicado en September 1, 2020
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