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A High-Functioning Team

Show of hands ✋ Who has a trusty multi-tool they like to use? Chances are, you’ve got one in your pocket or tool belt right now. We love the multi-tool for its versatility. You can cut a wire, tighten that loose screw and crack open a beer without fumbling through your toolbox. Much like the multi-tool, Josh Wisdom’s concrete paving crew provides several individual functions in a single unit, effectively creating a triple threat team that has the tenacity to crush any goal.

We caught up with this unique 10-man crew at the Midway USA Distribution Center in Rocheport, Missouri where they were machine paving a new parking lot. It’s this scope of work that makes them unique. They are the only crew in Columbia that machine paves while also performing hand pours and curb and gutter installation – instead of specializing in just one scope. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t proficient in each area. From parking lots to airports to roundabouts, this crew has done it all. Together they’ve mastered a lot in a little amount of time, with many in the group having less than two years of service at Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS). These individuals demonstrate elite skills that bear a resemblance to veteran employee-owners.

At the helm of this versatile crew is Paving Foreman, Josh Wisdom. He knows it’s not just the crew’s ability to machine pave and complete mass hand pours that makes them special – it’s their ability to meet each challenge head on and produce results above expectations. “I have complete faith in my crew.” Says Josh. “Whatever my schedule says, I know they will accomplish each item on time and with a drive to be the best. Also, I don’t have to look over their shoulder all the time, and that reliability is hard to come by.”

One of the crew’s proudest moments is installing the Sinclair Roundabout on the Nifong Boulevard project, and it’s a perfect example of this group’s “we got this” attitude. They were brought to the project because of the large project scope yet constrained schedule and tight work zone. Josh recalls telling the guys about the challenging project on a Friday. “They were texting all weekend psyching each other up and getting pumped up for the “big game” come Monday.” In the end, they were able to hand pour 350 to 390 cubic yards of concrete a day, which was one complete leg of the roundabout, finishing the entire roundabout in just three days. “When the pressure is on, they perform very well.” Josh mused.

Concrete Operations Manager Scott Smith couldn’t agree more. “Josh and his crew attack jobs with a relentless tenacity, and are never overcome by the adversities that exist in our industry. They excel in all facets of concrete paving, and I would put them head-to-head with anyone in our industry. This group seldom fails to meet my expectations, and anyone that knows me, will tell you mine are high, so that’s a huge compliment.” said Smith.

Cracking jokes and poking fun at each other keeps the family feeling strong amongst this large crew. “But when it comes to their job,” Josh was quick to point out, “the guys are all business and take their work seriously, putting safety first.” This role model crew is setting the bar high, not only for themselves, but for ESS. They continue to crush it.

Meet the Crew

Josh Wisdom
Paving Foreman
14 Years of Service
Q: What three words would you use to describe your crew?
A: Determined. Reliable. Utility Men who love a challenge

Dylan Paschang
1 Year of Service
Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Play Pool

Kyle Seiling
Cement Mason
2 Years of Service
Q: What famous person would you like to have a beer with?
A: Joe Rogan

Brick Scott
Cement Mason
2 ½ Years of Service
Q: What is on your bucket list?
A: Going to Australia is at the top of my list

Tanner Sherman
Skilled Laborer
1 Year of Service
Q: What song do you jam out to on your way to work?
A: Alan Jackson’s, It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Tyler Kirchhoff
Operator Class 2
10 Years of Service
Q: Crew nickname that everyone calls you by?
A: Roscoe

Blake Stone
Operator Class 1
3 ½ Years of Service
Q: What is on your bucket list?
A: Breaking the world record in a wingsuit

Colt Howell
Skilled Laborer
3 ½ Years of Service
Q: What song do you jam out to on your way to work?
A: Spice Girls, Wannabe

Jose Garcia 
Cement Mason
9 Years of Service
Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
A: Go fishing

Cody Nitcher
Skilled Laborer
1 Year of Service
Q: What is on your bucket list?
A: Buy a Chevy Silverado Carhartt Truck

Published onPublicado en May 6, 2021
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