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Bridge Rehab in Cass County

Construction with a view! Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) employee-owners are currently diving into a bridge rehabilitation project at Lake Winnebago in Cass County, Missouri. Our structures crews are working with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to replace two bridges in the residential community. This project is a part of the $351 Million Focus on Bridges Program for the State, which will repair 250 bridges across the Kansas City Metropolitan area. We are proud to work alongside MoDOT on this project and understand the gravity of this rehabilitation. Our crew is being meticulous and efficient to streamline the schedule and deliver as promised for the residents of Lake Winnebago.

Our structures crews began construction on one of the bridges along Route 291 in April 2021 and anticipate completion next month. The work involves both pavement and guardrail replacements, repairs to the substructure, and installation of a new deck. The second bridge replacement over Route 58 is scheduled to begin shortly after.

Bridge construction is a core service at ESS. Our expertise in structures has earned us national awards and recognition over the years for innovative bridge replacements, bridge-slide techniques, and more. Although the Lake Winnebago bridge rehabilitation is no unfamiliar endeavor to ESS, there are always new challenges and unique differences with every project.

If you live near Lake Winnebago, then you may not be shocked when we tell you that the weather has not been our friend lately. Over the past couple of weeks, there has been a substantial amount of rain, causing ESS and MoDOT crews to push work back for precautionary measures. However, once the rain cleared, that didn’t stop our crews from going the extra mile to keep the project on track.

A noteworthy aspect of this project is our team’s ability to go above and beyond for the safety of everyone involved. Structures is a specialized service. It requires ample training and knowledge of the proper techniques, protocols and equipment. The crew makes it a priority to gather for comprehensive safety meetings on the job site. They cover important safety issues trending in the construction industry, discuss topics relating to the current job and outline pre-task safety measures. The meetings reinforce the importance of fall protection, specialized safety equipment for structures and encourage crew members to stay in the know about common injury statistics that occur in all aspects of construction.

Our employee-owners are keeping it safe but they’re also keeping it clean. The community was initially concerned about the potential discoloration of the water or falling debris into the lake due to construction proximity. Rightfully so, the area is gorgeous. Much to their relief, ESS is an advocate for construction methods that limit impacts to the environment or surrounding communities. Knowing this was a priority, our crews utilized a hand-crafted barge throughout the entirety of the project to prevent anything from falling into the lake. Our team has also worked very closely with MoDOT to minimize disruptions to local businesses and residential homes in the best way possible. Also keeping the community’s safety in mind, crews have installed extensive signage and barricades while the bridges are closed to maintain traffic control in the area.

Mike Collar, the Mayor of Lake Winnebago, shared his personal experience and how ESS is partnering with the community on this project. “I’ve been a resident of Lake Winnebago for 20 years. With that being said, I’m beyond appreciative of Emery Sapp & Sons for their efforts to minimize inconveniences and disruptions to the community throughout bridge construction. Crews have developed strong relationships with everyone involved, including the local police department to help ensure materials and equipment are not stolen while they’re stored overnight. The crews were also willing to help us clean up the shore lines of the lake, knowing that cleanliness and sanitation was a top priority for the community.”

ESS Project Superintendent, Tony Young, has helped spearhead the success of the Lake Winnebago project through his vast leadership skills and expertise. Tony has been an integral part of our structures team for 20 years and has 35 years of experience in the industry. “I’m extremely proud of ESS and my crew on this project. The day of the deck pour was one of our best days with the team working so efficiently to keep the project on schedule and cost under budget. It took a lot of extra hard work but we’re dedicated to delivering excellent results. The project is looking great. We couldn’t have done it without the support from the Lake Winnebago residents and MoDOT.”

📸 Shout out and KUDOS to photographer and hobbyist, Terry Siegel for these awesome shots! Terry is a resident of the Lake Winnebago community and has had a birds eye view throughout the duration of the project.

Published onPublicado en June 3, 2021
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