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Notched Wedge Method

At Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS), we constantly strive to find innovative and advanced techniques to construct best-in-class infrastructure. One of these techniques is the notched wedge method. This method is considered a tapered longitudinal joint that is widely known for three benefits:

  1. It allows easier mobility for vehicles to travel between lanes under construction.
  2. It improves efficiency of paving operations; and
  3. It refines the density along the joint, which leads to longevity of pavement life.

Our asphalt team just finished using this method on Highway 10 in Delaware County, Oklahoma. Project Manager Ryan Linton stated, “this was a new challenge for my team because we have never performed this method before. We learned how to use a completely new piece of equipment, but ended up killing it and producing quality work as promised.”

Along with implementing the notched wedge method, the Highway 10 project came with many challenges including difficult traffic control conditions. Our paving team had to navigate the congestion of summer lake traffic, which was considerably higher than average. Due to our contract, our teams were not allowed to work at night when traffic is considerably slower. The team ascertained the best strategic plan to safely maintain traffic in order and executed the new techniques seamlessly to finish this project on time.

Paving Foreman Kevin Smith said, “We were really excited for this project because it was a completely new and innovative process for the crew. It was the first time in Delaware County that this method was used, and we were proud that we were the ones that got to do it.”

Published onPublicado en August 6, 2020
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