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Lance Trager Memorial Safety Award

Lance Trager was a former employee-owner who focused on safety and inspired his team to follow suit. Those who knew him saw his commitment to safety day in and day out. Lance passed away due to a tragic on-the-job accident several years ago.

The Lance Trager Memorial Safety Award was created to honor his memory and his dedication to safety. This award recognizes an individual not just for their past achievements, but for ensuring safety is the foundation of everything they do. The recipient of this award consistently exceeds expectations and always demonstrates a clear commitment to safety.

Eric Chambers

Our 2022 Lance Trager Memorial Safety Award Recipient is none other than Eric Chambers, Project Superintendent – Springfield.

Eric’s passion for safety has created a ripple effect. Fostering a culture of safety, he has trained over 50 employee-owners to make safety their top priority. That culture is felt among all employee-owners he encounters.

Hear some congratulations and learn why Eric deserves this award straight from fellow employee-owners. 👇

Published onPublicado en April 6, 2023
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