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Pedal to the Metal

Racers, start your engines! Brandon Givens is the driver of the 2G Dirt Modified racecar in the United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) for Gressel Racing. He is currently putting the pedal to the metal as he races to earn the distinguished title of “Rookie of the Year” in this ultra-competitive touring series. In fact, the USMTS is the fastest growing and most popular open-wheel dirt modified touring series in the world. More than 1,500 drivers from 36 states have competed in USMTS events at 55 unique dirt tracks throughout America.

Sure, this seems pretty cool, but what does it have to do with ESS? This year, ESS has launched a brand ambassador program and Brandon raced to the opportunity to rep our brand. What is an ESS brand ambassador you ask? Brand ambassadors are affiliate partners outside of our company. Similar to our ESS Blue Bloods, an ESS brand ambassador is someone who rocks our brand, embraces the grit, and lives by our values. Simply put, they help us amplify the ESS brand and our ownership culture.

“Our partnership has been better than I ever expected. To have a company as large as ESS, to believe in me to carry their colors and represent them around the United States really means the world to me. I have seen a theme at ESS that they believe in every employee owner involved in the business. As our team chases a Championship it’s really nice to have championship kind of people behind you and that’s how I feel about everyone I have met at ESS. I hope to get to meet even more of the ESS Family and continue to grow our relationship that I truly believe has turned into a great friendship,” Brandon said as he described our new, but quickly accelerating partnership.
There’s some big brands out there doing impressive things with similar ambassador programs to ours. For example, check out YETI’s partners who are redefining what it means to “live a wild life.” It’s all about connecting with people that can help tell our story, to an audience that truly “gets our grind.” The ESS brand ambassador program provides our company the opportunity to promote our mission and values to a broad audience. Brand ambassadors act as first-class representatives of ESS. Through community engagement, brand ambassadors serve as an extension of our workforce development and recruitment efforts. The program also provides opportunities for our employee-owners to get engaged with an ambassador’s sport or hobby in a variety of ways. We’re excited to say that Brandon has already provided tickets for employee-owners to attend local races and will be bringing the racecar to various ESS events throughout the year.

Jason Burgener, Foreman, was one employee-owner that got to enjoy tickets to Brandon’s recent race at Lakeside Speedway on May 14th. “My family had a great time together at the race! It was fun to have a night out and we appreciate ESS and Gressel Racing for the tickets,” said Jason.


In addition to Brandon, we have also partnered with other brand ambassadors including pro-fishing angler, Matt Looney. If you didn’t get to check out the highlights from our inaugural Sapp & Bass fishing tournament, you can learn all about the big weigh-in here. We are excited to have both representatives serve as ESS brand ambassadors and look forward to serving up some big opportunities to our employee-owners.

Race Schedule

Brandon Givens is coming to a race track near you! Here’s a list of Brandon’s upcoming races in our region. The full race schedule can be found here. If you’re interested in complimentary tickets, please email for more details; limited quantities available.

August 5 – Park City, KS
August 6 – Humboldt, KS
August 7 – Wheatland, MO
August 19 – Urbana, MO
August 20 – Colcord, OK
August 21 – Colcord, OK
September 8 – Park City, KS
October 28 – Pocola, OK
October 29 – Kansas City, KS
October 30 – Park City, KS

Know someone who would make an incredible ESS brand ambassador? Please let us know!


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