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Partnering with Columbia Public Schools

ESS is excited to share that we have expanded our partnership with Columbia Public Schools (CPS) with a new 6-week introductory course in civil construction for high school junior and senior students. This CPS program is one of the first in the region to offer an accelerator program that provides high school students with the skill sets necessary to enter the trades. Through this fast-track course, students learn the basics of what it’s like to work in built environments. The goal is for students to be equipped with enough industry acumen to secure full-time employment with a company and be able to hit the ground running from their first day on the job.

Betsy Jones, CPS school counselor, stated, “this program is a great opportunity for both our students and our community. Not only is it giving students other options, but there is a demand for these trade individuals, and we get to help fill this gap.” Betsy was particularly excited about ESS culture as well. “This is such a cool opportunity. The enthusiasm of Emery Sapp employee-owners, their willingness to talk to these kids and take time out of their day to educate is beyond words. Community development is huge, and that is exactly what this program is doing.”

ESS is proud to share that we hired two of our CPS program students this summer; Sadie Malone who is working on the Mineola Hills project, and Austin Vaughn who is currently working out in Topeka. Sara Snodderley, ESS’ lead for the CPS program said, “we are really excited to bring in Sadie Malone and Austin Vaughn to our ESS family. They are going to be a valuable addition to our team. We are really looking forward to continuing our partnership with CPS. This program expands our workforce initiatives and helps us provide more opportunities for those looking for a career in construction.”

Sadie Malone

Sadie has been interested in Emery Sapp and the construction field since she was a little girl. In high school she took a welding class that furthered her interest in the industry. She is most excited to learn more about this field of work, and plans to continue down this career path in her future.

Austin Vaughn

After graduating high school, Austin began work at ESS and has currently been with the team for three months. He is particularly enjoying learning the trade, and finding the purpose behind every small detail. Austin has had family work for ESS, and has had previous knowledge of the company. His favorite part of working here is being a part of the bigger picture, and the culture.

Published onPublicado en August 4, 2020
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