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Record Referral Program Participation

That smile says it all! Surprised on camera, Harold Moncada, Foreman in our Springdale branch, was handed $2,000. And all he had to do was refer a candidate to ESS. When that candidate got hired, Harold became eligible to win the grand prize payout for our Bonus Referral Program.

The word must be out, because in 2020, we saw record participation in the Program. ESS paid out a whopping $69,500 referral cash bonuses to more than 130 employee-owners.

You might be wondering, how can I get my hands on some of that cash? It all starts when you refer a candidate to apply for a position. If that candidate is hired, you get to put $250 in your pocket. But it gets better. If that new employee-owner sticks around for 6 months and clocks more than 500 hours, that payload doubles and we’ll hand you $500. You’re now $750 dollars richer, and ESS has a new valued employee-owner. Win-Win! Speaking of winning, you will also be eligible for that annual $2,000 grand prize, which sure is sweet! Just ask Harold.

So, remember, if you know anyone interested in starting a career at ESS, refer them today and you could win that money! It pays to recruit!

Published onPublicado en March 12, 2021
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