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Working With Family

When you think of your perfect work day, do you imagine a family member there with you? At ESS we have many employee-owners who get to experience that every day! Industry trends show that a growing number of individuals are following in their family member’s footsteps and building careers in construction. We are also seeing this trend at ESS. We have many legacy families who choose to work side-by-side each other. These individuals are committed to sharing their expertise with the next generation and passionate about continuing their family legacy at ESS. This dedication brings a whole new perspective to our #TogetherStronger campaign as our personal and professional lives intermix.

For John Kreisel (54) and Cody Kreisel (30), that’s just a normal day. John and Cody, the father and son duo, have been working together on various dirt work projects for the past four years.

John has been a part of the Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) family since 2014. John came to us with an industry-related background after being a home builder and longtime developer in Lee’s Summit and Raymore, Missouri. Throughout those years, Cody worked by his dad’s side constantly. John could recount the days that he would pick up Cody after school and bring him out to the job sites. He even had fond memories of Cody running equipment as early as five years old.

Cody joined the ESS team in 2016. He was looking for a company he could grow with, and ESS provided the perfect opportunity. Not to mention he already knew one of his co-workers. The culture ESS provided, as well as the long-term benefits of our ESOP, proved to be strong reasons for joining the ESS family.

Both John and Cody are Operators Class 2, and have worked together on several large grading projects in the Kansas City region such as: Amazon Fulfillment Center in Kansas City, Kansas; Dollar Tree Distribution Center in Warrensburg, Missouri; and the Southview Commerce Center in Belton, Missouri. Even though they see each other all the time, they still enjoy a rousing day at the “office.”

Safety is a way of life here at ESS. Everything we do revolves around following best-in-class safety procedures to deliver at the top notch level that our partners are used to. When you work with a family member, safety might look a little different. Cody and John have an extra incentive to make sure they are being as safe as possible every day – each other.

“Safety is a big deal out here. These toys are big, and we all want to make it home safely at the end of the day,” stated John Kreisel.

Cody touched on the fact that he not only had family at home, but safety is important to him because he also has family in the field. “My goal is getting home safely to them every day, so yeah – safety means a little more to me,” said Cody Kreisel.

“Working with my dad is great. We can mess around while also knowing when we need to be serious. Those types of work environments are what keeps morale so high. I also know he wants me to succeed in life, and being able to show him what I can do is just a really good feeling,” said Cody Kreisel.

When asked about what it is like working with his son, John Kreisel stated, “Most of the time it’s just me and Cody. We work in a small team, and it’s a great team. We’ve gotten to the point where we know exactly what the other one is thinking or about to do, and I love being able to see my son every day.”

More About John and Cody

Favorite part about working with a family member?
John (Father):
“Getting to see my son every day.”

Cody (Son):
“Showing my dad my capabilities each day.”

Least favorite part about working with a family member?
John (Father):

“Cody thinking he’s the boss all the time!”
Cody (Son):
“The way he works. We have this saying, “what exactly was your plan there?” We tend to use that a lot. Also, he knows exactly how my day went which could be good or bad depending on the day I’ve had.”

Favorite Memory?
John (Father):
“We typically always have a lot of fun together. I always get stuck though and Cody ends up having to push me out.”

Cody (Son) :
“We call it ‘wearing the dirt out.’ He has gotten so good at what he is doing that it is just funny to watch. He typically overworks the dirt, and it’s just this continuing story.”

Published onPublicado en November 2, 2020
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