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A Safety-Focused Team

For the last 40 years employee-owner Greg Hill has been in the construction game overseeing dozens of crew members in the trenches as they diligently install underground utilities all over the midwest. Greg, currently in the foreman role himself, has been responsible for training all of our underground utility foremen in the Springfield region. Simply put, Greg has made a big impact at ESS and continues to be a pretty big deal in our book.

So what’s so dynamic about Greg’s current team? It’s small, but oh-so mighty. With just three crew members, this underground utility team has blown their production numbers out of the water at their latest project. A new ESS asphalt plant is being erected in Springfield, Missouri. It’s imperative that the plant comes online fast. A vital aspect of this project is connecting the new plant to the City utility system and Greg’s crew has made swift work of the gas line installation. This dedicated crew hasn’t just worked fast, they’ve been working at record speeds. On average, this crew put 800 feet of pipe in the ground per day. Together, these four employee-owners finished the utility portion of this project in just seven days. We think some big kudos are due to this hard-working crew!

This team is more than just production assassins (get it…because they’re killing the production game). They continuously deliver quality work with an excellent safety record. Greg is revered amongst fellow ESS employee-owners for his exceptional devotion to safety. Kevin Smith, Safety Coordinator, had nothing but praise to give when talking about the work Greg Hill and his team are doing. “Greg and his team are killing it. They go above and beyond to make sure they are producing high quality projects while also being extremely safe. Greg turns in all of his trench and excavation reports and makes sure all of his work is by the book, that’s huge. Especially when it comes to the safety of our men and women out there. We want them to go home safe every night after work, so knowing that Greg and his crew are so dedicated to ensuring they are doing just that is pretty d*mn great.”

Safety, quality, production – in that order. That’s the ESS promise and this underground utilities crew lives out that promise each and every day. The construction industry inherently comes with risks, so being alert and knowledgeable about proper safety procedures before stepping foot onto a project site is something we take seriously. Luckily, with employee-owners like Greg Hill, our crews are in good hands. To this day, we are proud to say Greg has not had a single safety incident on his projects. Now that’s a record worth celebrating!!

“I’ve worked in trenching and excavation for over 40 years and 3 of the many young men I have looked out for have been my own sons. Safety is important to me. We do Toolbox Talks every day and I always look out for these guys,” said Greg Hill about his crew.

Meet the Crew

Greg Hill
3 Years of Service

Q: What makes you most proud of your crew?
A: These guys push and work hard every day. You don’t typically see that in such young crews, but their ability to just get the job done is what makes me the most proud. They keep up with me and that’s awesome.

Julius Woods
Skilled Laborer
3 Months of Service

Q: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
A: The ability to time travel. I’d go back in time and see my son that passed away.

Spencer Rozzel
Operator Class 2
3 Years of Service

Q: What is your guilty pleasure song on your way to work every morning?
A: Avril Lavigne. Any Avril Lavigne song, I’m not picky.

Colby Hubbard
Skilled Laborer
7 Months of Service

Q: What is your go-to lunch when you’re on a project site?
A: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because that’s what Greg packs us for lunch.

Published onPublicado en June 28, 2021
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