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Exemplifying Our Safety Culture

You may have heard this once or twice, but we take safety seriously around here. Safety is not just something we think about when we work, it’s a way of life for our employee-owners. During quarter four, one branch in particular exemplified what it means to promote a positive safety culture and collectively delivered a top notch safety performance. Congratulations to the Columbia team on earning our Quarter Four Safety Award by achieving the highest overall safety performance. This significant accolade earns each member of the team a branded t-shirt and a Breaktime gift card!

“We’re seeing a strong commitment to weekly safety meetings from the Columbia branch. There is a large percentage of active participation, which shows us how invested in safety they truly are. Not only did they score the highest on overall safety performance, they are excelling at rapid communication when it comes to incident reporting which is huge,” stated Will Schauwecker, Safety Administrative Assistant.

Our employee-owners have a vested interest in promoting a safe work environment and managing risk. When we approach our work with a special focus on safety, quality and production – our ESOP and our employee-owners reap the benefits!

Blake Hustedde, Field Operations Manager for the Columbia region stated, “The cornerstone of our focus has been on safety this last year. We didn’t just encourage weekly Toolbox Talks, but also pushed for our teams to conduct daily on-site safety meetings about common hazards and potential risks. I’m proud of our teams for continuously stepping up to the plate when it comes to best-in-class safety and quality.”

Congratulations to the Columbia employee-owners for your outstanding safety performance during quarter four. Keep up the good work!

Published onPublicado en February 2, 2021
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