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ESS' Newest Project Manager

We would like to welcome back Chris Fitzpatrick to the Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) team as our newest Project Manager for our ESS Asphalt – Columbia team. Chris interned at ESS for four summers where he learned all about the tools of the trade, and we are excited to have him back!

With more than seven years of industry experience, he really knows his stuff. Chris joins us from Kiewit, a massive construction firm, where he advanced his project management and leadership skills. In his new role within our asphalt division, Chris will be focusing on overseeing pavement preservation and diamond grinding operations.

In the last two years, ESS has invested heavily in the growth of our diamond grinding operations. For those who are new here, diamond grinding is a pavement preservation technique that helps extend the longevity of both asphalt and concrete. Diamond grinding is a very specialized sector of civil construction. It requires unique equipment, specialized technology, and team members with unique skill sets.

Underneath the ESS brand, our teams have been performing diamond grinding services for clients across the country since 2019. Since then, our diamond grinding operations have only expanded. In fact, ESS is now ranked as one of the top five pavement preservation contractors in the country by volume. Chris will be responsible for leveraging our momentum within the market, expanding our pavement preservation team, and maintaining operational excellence.

Andy Baker, Assistant Vice President stated, “One of our goals this year is to grow the diamond grinding side of our business. We brought Chris onboard to help streamline operations and create efficiencies so everything runs smoothly as we start to pick up more work. We’re definitely looking forward to the future, and very excited to have him on our team.”

Tim Paulson, Co-CEO stated, “Before growth happens you have to invest in your team. That’s exactly what we’re doing right now. Hiring Chris was a strategic investment to help set us up for future success by making sure our operations are in check.”

Tim and Andy aren’t the only ones who have set goals for this new employee-owner. Chris is excited to dig in and start making an impact. He is looking forward to helping be a part of the growth strategy, and is confident his teams will reach their ambitious production goals.

Welcome to the ESS family Chris, we can’t wait to see you grind it out!

Published onPublicado en June 3, 2021
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