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The workforce of the future: Summer interns 2024

On May 30, we proudly welcomed 36 students ready to dig into the world of heavy civil construction. These interns, hailing from the University of Missouri, the University of Kansas, Missouri State University, the University of Arkansas, and more, will spend their summer learning the ins and outs of our industry. Over the next ten weeks, they will gain hands-on experience in various roles such as estimating, GPS, project management, finance, HR and more. 

Beyond the Cubicle

Our internships are not about being stuck in a cubicle crunching numbers all day. We believe in giving students real-world experience that goes beyond what their textbooks can teach. They’ll navigate the world of construction working alongside our seasoned pros in both office and field positions. 

Empowering the workforce is at the heart of our internship program. Jobsite visits, team meetings and problem-solving sessions will ensure interns aren’t just spectators, but active contributors. They’ll see how their work impacts our operations every day. By August, they’ll be equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to crush it as future employee-owners.

Mentorship and Growth

Every intern is paired with an ESS mentor who will guide them through their journey into the workforce, offering insights and advice they’ve learned along the way. This mentorship is crucial in helping interns navigate the field and build the foundation for their careers in construction.

As we kick off the 2024 internship program, we are excited to see what the summer has in store. We can’t wait for the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas our 36 interns will bring to the table as they hit the ground running. 

Welcome to the team, interns! Let’s get this summer started.

Published onPublicado en June 6, 2024
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