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Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) Produce Award-Winning Projects

It is widely known that Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) produces award-winning projects. So, it may come as no surprise to learn that THREE — yes, THREE — of our projects recently won Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Arkansas Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards! On April 28, the Fort Smith Regional Airport – Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation Project, the Highway 71 Interchange Project, and the Blackberry Ridge Subdivision Project were all recognized at the 2022 Excellence in Construction Awards Luncheon in Bentonville, Arkansas. We would like to congratulate everyone who was involved with these projects — your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed and we couldn’t be prouder!

Fort Smith Regional Airport – Runway 7/25 Rehabilitation Project

The Fort Smith Regional Airport selected ESS as the General Contractor for the complete rehabilitation of the roughly 8,500-foot-long and 150-foot wide Runway 7/25. This project involved a variety of additional scopes, including asphalt paving, cold milling, concrete removal, airfield lighting, and striping. Through the combined efforts of several ESS teams including ESS Asphalt, DOT, and Hutchens Construction, the project was ultimately successful because they created a detailed, critical path schedule for project completion, which they beat using several innovative technologies, on-site materials, and robust communication plan with airport operations.

Estimator Darren Woods described one such idea that ultimately made this project successful and award-winning. “During the bidding process, we could see that implementing stringless milling would be an advantage by giving the existing surface a perfect grade for the new pavement to be placed on. The decision was made to outfit two of our cold milling machines with stringless equipment, and doing this has put our milling capabilities ahead of the game.”

Highway 71 Interchange Project

The $66 million Highway 71 Interchange Project is now the Southern portion of the Bella Vista Bypass corridor in Bentonville, Arkansas. The new corridor connects with Interstate 49, which eliminated the only gap between Kansas City, Missouri, and Fort Smith, Arkansas. The reconstruction of the existing interchange included drilling, blasting, presplitting, rock excavation, rock fill, embankment, bridge construction, concrete and asphalt paving, and the first-ever Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) design in Arkansas. Pretty cool, huh? The completed project not only enhances safety, convenience, and ease of travel but will also accelerate the economic development between the connected states.

“The interchange project was award-winning because of Emery Sapp’s ingenuity and accuracy during the project pursuit and bid process, combined with the ability to bring those bid concepts to fruition,” said Project Manager Paul Tierney. “Exemplary communication was demonstrated by the entire project team in the field from start to finish which included various subcontractors all working together to meet deadlines and overcome changes in the scope throughout the project.”

Blackberry Ridge Subdivision Project

The Blackberry Ridge Subdivision project in Fayetteville, Arkansas was designed to facilitate neighborly interactions within the community while maintaining the natural beauty of the native land. ESS reduced the environmental impact of this project by ensuring no significant trees would unnecessarily be impacted, and by eliminating off-site disposal. This not only decreased the project’s carbon footprint but also reduced hauling costs.

“To me, the most impressive thing on this project was how the ESS crews embraced the vision of Blackberry Ridge,” Developer and Project Owner Keith Tencleve explained. “Not only did ESS take time to meet me on site and review any large trees required to be removed, but they also volunteered to coordinate with the forestry service to have them review the trees to give us their opinion. It’s that level of service and pride that has me looking forward to partnering with ESS on future projects.”

Kudos to the project team and crews for all of their hard work on these incredible projects!

Published onPublicado en May 16, 2022
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