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Building the New Asphalt Plant

The build out of the Hannibal, Missouri asphalt plant is currently underway. This project is being led by Jon Brown, Josh Barton, and Robert Morris. With the help of their team, these three ESS Asphalt – Columbia pro’s are working closely together to set up the asphalt plant and get it optimized for top notch material production. Despite many changes in circumstances, this crew has come together as a united team and faced challenges head on.

Not sure what it takes to erect an asphalt plant? Here’s the rundown. Before set-up begins, the crew preps the new plant location and cleans the surrounding area. They transport all plant components onto the site, meticulously organizing each piece of the plant within the lay-down area. This critical step helps the crew ensure each part functions correctly once the plant is assembled. Once the plant is fully assembled, the crew pulls all necessary electrical wires and begins calibrating the plant. The plant is then tested to make sure it’s optimized for safety, quality, and production.

Much like the asphalt plant itself, the crew needs to be in sync for everything to work properly. Each team member of this crew has played an important role in this project. Foreman and Asphalt Plant Operator, Jon Brown praised the crew for their “vast experience and knowledge with how things work mechanically. Everyone fits right in and works really well together. On a plant move, everybody jumps right in and does their work.” When all is said and done, the efficiency of this crew yields an asphalt plant in stellar condition and performance ready.

Kudos to this team for another job well done!


Jon Brown

What is one word to describe this crew?

Robert Morris

Crew nickname that everyone calls you by?

Josh Barton

What’s at the top of your bucket list?
“Take my wife to Greece in the next five years.”

Ethan Mack

What song do you jam out to on your way to work?
“Happy Hour by Morgan Wallen is probably one of my favorites.”

Lee Mount

One famous person you’d have a beer with?
“John Wayne”

Maximus Moore


What do you like to do in your free time?
“Mostly spend time with my kids, all three of them.”

Phillip Hercules

Favorite show to binge after work?
“The Office”

Chris Starmer

Chris was not immediately available for comment.

Published onPublicado en August 25, 2020
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