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Strategic Regional Growth

We are excited to announce that Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) has added a new asphalt plant to its equipment fleet in Springfield, Missouri! ESS has been providing turn-key infrastructure services for our clients in the greater Springfield region for decades. With a steady increase in market demand and a healthy backlog of asphalt work, the time was right to erect a new permanent asphalt plant in the area.

The new plant is a CMI Counterflow Drum-Mixer. It is a permanent asphalt plant that is capable of handling 500 tons per hour (tph). With recent upgrades in design, this model is built for high production and maximum efficiency. Examples of this include reduced fuel usage through efficient heat transfer and reduced costs through increased RAP usage. The plant is also designed with fully bolted flighting for ease of maintenance. This means the plant will never be off-line long when tune-ups are needed.

Strategically located within our ongoing operations, the new plant will support dozens of projects in the region. This investment will continue to elevate our asphalt capabilities within the region and maximize our operational efficiency. Our clients will benefit from shorter material transport and haul times, compressed project schedules, and ultimately significant cost savings. Sounds pretty legit, right?

If you’re not entirely sure how asphalt production works, we’ll give you the inside scoop. Drivers haul various aggregates from on-site stockpiles to bins on the plant. These bins feed certain proportions of each aggregate into a rotating drum. Liquid asphalt is combined with this aggregate in the rotating drum. The finished asphalt is then sent to storage silos where it can be stored until it is used or loaded directly into haul trucks for transport to an active project.

Keeping asphalt plants operating at peak production is no small task. Employee-owner Trevor Doran will serve as the Asphalt Plant Superintendent over the new Springfield plant. Along with our plants in Joplin and Monett, Trevor is responsible for all operations and maintenance of our Missouri asphalt plants. He also lends a helping hand as needed to four of our other plants in Arkansas located in Sonora, Gravette, Berryville and Fort Smith.

Assistant Vice President, Tyson Collins, reiterated the opportunities this plant presents to both our client and employee-owners. “It allows us to be a one stop shop for clients. Since we were already in the asphalt market, we knew adding this plant would be a great asset to our business. There’s been eleven new hires since opening up this plant, so it has already led to company growth. We’re looking forward to a greater market share and more opportunities for our employee-owners.”

We look forward to putting this plant to work!

Published onPublicado en September 9, 2021
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