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Our Springfield Concrete Crew

ESS wouldn’t be the fast-paced, best-in-class company we are today without our hardworking employee-owners. The teamwork, and sense of ownership is what continues to drive our business. Our crews go to work every day striving to provide top-notch customer service.

This month, one of our Springfield concrete crews is working on the College of the Ozarks (C of O) project in Hollister, MO. This project consists of constructing two new concrete roundabouts, a larger concrete parking lot, several curb and gutter asphalt roadways and a decorative exposed aggregate lane in front of the Keeter Center. This work is part of the college’s campus enhancement plan that also includes new fencing, signing, and landscaping that highlights the natural beauty of the Ozarks. “The College of the Ozarks project really lets the guys showcase some skills not typically seen on other projects with all the decorative concrete,” said Greg Hicks, Concrete Superintendent.

Hicks has been leading this crew for 8 years. When asked what makes his crew special, Hicks stated, “My crew is very diverse! We are able to pave one day, do hand pours, walls, you name it. They can adapt to any challenge I put before them, and they never lay down and quit – they see it through.” We asked what project made him most proud of his crew, Hicks said “There are several, but I am especially proud of the Route 60 project in Rogersville, MO we worked on back in 2016. It was our first big paving project together as a crew. We paved 14,250 CY of 7.5” and 9” pavement and were able to work alongside grading and structures crews throughout the project.”

This concrete crew is dedicated to their craft, and passionate about what they do. Hicks inspires and leads his team by “giving them the tools they need and setting attainable goals to motivate them. If I’m off my game they will be too.” This simple rule is how this crew continues to be successful on each project they work on together.


What Makes This Crew Unique

Crew Motto:
“Do it right the first time, and we ain’t gotta do it over.”

Crew Nickname:

What is something we should know about this crew?
“Mix of new guys and experienced guys. All of them are killing it!”

3 Words to Describe This Crew:
“Eager, determined, and gritty.”


Published onPublicado en June 4, 2020
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