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Leaders Who Inspire

When Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) says we value our people, these are not hollow words. From the very first moment an employee-owner steps on a project site, they begin to receive practical on-the-job education. Many of our legacy field leaders take the initiative to provide team members with practical guidance throughout their careers. They take the time to share insights and mentor those around them.

One of those inspiring leaders and mentors is Randy Mauzey. Randy is a Project Superintendent for our Department of Transportation (DOT) division who has been leading crews at ESS for nearly two decades. Under Randy’s leadership, his crews have earned a reputation for taking on extremely challenging mass grading jobs. If you need to deliver some staggering production results – you want Randy leading your earthmoving operations.

Two decades of incredible results don’t just happen by accident. Randy takes the time to learn about his crew members. He understands what inspires and motivates them. Randy shares his wisdom with others and is invested in each of his team members’ success.

Adam Goins, Project Superintendent, has worked closely with Randy in the past and reflected on some of the most memorable things about his leadership. “I’ve worked with Randy for the past 13 years, and he is always willing to spend that extra time with you to answer any questions or teach you the right way to do things. He looks for ways to help us improve, and pushes us to our full potential,” stated Goins.

Throughout his career, Randy has been more than just a mentor to his team members. He’s served as a friend, father, and brother. On site, Randy doesn’t just construct projects – he builds relationships.

“I’ve been working here for 20-something years, and since then I’ve been trying to just take care of these guys. I treat them like my family, and how I would want to be treated. I love working with them – we have a lot of good times,” said Mauzey.

Foreman David Cook has been working with Randy for 3 years, and can attest to Randy’s sense of humor. “He tells the best stories, and is always joking around with everyone. Randy constantly makes us laugh, and treats us like his own family,” stated Cook.

Many people typically only remember one or two great pieces of advice they receive throughout their careers that help them grow exponentially. Sam Syler, Operator Class 3, fondly remembers one piece of advice from Randy that really stuck with him. “The most important thing Randy taught me was that when you’re on the road and missing home, the guys that are with you are also your family. Wherever you are, those guys are in your corner and are there for you. That really helped me get through some of the toughest times on the road,” said Syler.

ESS has been grateful that Randy has called this company home. For his commitment to leadership and operational excellence, Randy was named a Blue Blood in 2020, ESS’ hall-of-fame and highest level of distinction. He is an extraordinary example of a leader and we are excited to see the lasting legacy he creates in those he has so graciously mentored.

Published onPublicado en April 5, 2021
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