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Sinclair and Old Mill Creek Roundabouts

Emery Sapp & Sons has always been driven by the hard work and dedication of our employee-owners. We admire the drive and determination that our crews exhibit day-in and day-out, as well as the team mentality that flows through our organization from top to bottom. A shining example of the drive that our employee-owners exhibit is the Sinclair and Old Mill Creek Roundabouts project.

The Columbia branch concrete crews, under the direction of Mike Pemberton, Josh Wisdom, Brandon McCreery, Christian Merritt and Rob Bartels, worked diligently under the demands of a swift timetable, uncooperative weather, and an even more unforgiving traffic flow. The project was driven by a requirement to get Sinclair road open prior to the start of school. Concrete foreman Brandon McCreery stated, “the most impressive part about this project, to me and my guys, was how we were able to maintain the nearby traffic flow. It was very important to us that we didn’t impede on the community.”

The Sinclair and Old Mill Creek Roundabouts project on Nifong Boulevard involved placing two new roundabouts in the existing four-way intersections. Columbia concrete crews paved more than 13,400 square yards of concrete pavement, 11,170 square feet of decorative concrete islands, and 27,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks. This project required teamwork from all crews involved, speed, craftsmanship, and an awareness of the traveling public. The Columbia concrete crews are a perfect representation of what ESS employ-owners strive to be. Their hard work and dedication to safely completing the project on-time and on-budget deserves recognition by all members of the ESS family.

Meet the Crew

Cody Fierge

Will Rennells

Moises Guillen

Joe Clark

Jesse Guillen

Tyler Imhoff

Randall Imhoff

Trevor Hess

Fun Crew Facts

What makes you most proud of your crew?
“The guys execute their leadership roles seriously and ensure that things run smoothly.”

What are three words that describe your crew?
“Hard-working, Collaborative, and Motivated.”

What makes this crew unique?
“The crew is like a second family.”


Published onPublicado en August 4, 2020
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