Nifong Boulevard Improvements

Columbia, MO
Nifong Boulevard Improvements

This roadway widening project will add two additional through lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and improve the intersections along Nifong between Providence and Willowcreek, and along Forum between Nifong and Green Meadows. The ESS team will work collaboratively with the developer constructing two new streets adjacent to the project – Aurora Drive and Nova Way – to install traffic signals at the new intersection of Nifong and Aurora Drive. Widening the Nifong Corridor will aid in eliminating traffic congestion and help the traveling public reach their destinations on the ever expanding southwest quadrant of Columbia. ESS continues to work hand-in-glove with the design team to modify various scopes of work to provide the best value to the Columbia community.

Owner City of Columbia, MO

Civil Engineer City of Columbia Public Works

ESS Role General Contractor

Start Date April 27, 2020

Anticipated Completion Date October 1, 2021

Duration 18 Months

Scope of Work

This project will benefit from our skilled local workforce. Our surveying, QC testing, support crew services, underground utility, paving and hand pour crews will all play a part in this project’s success. The team plans to utilize small dozers, skid loaders and compactors to perform the linear grading needed for the widening of the project while conventional pipe crews consisting of trackhoes and loaders will install the storm sewer infrastructure. The paving team will also utilize a variable-width concrete paver to efficiently complete a number of diverse concrete widening sections throughout the corridor.

Pavement Removal 25,000 SY

Grading/Excavation 12,000 CY

Underground Utilities 12,000 LF

Storm Boxes 103

Box Culvert Extensions Two (2)

Concrete Paving 40,000 SY

Intersection Signals Three (3) Sets

Asphalt Paving 85,000 SY of Overlay

Concrete Sidewalk 105,000 SF