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Student Housing in Fayetteville

ESS is currently working for developer Aspen Heights in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a large student housing project. When complete, this 14-acre development will include seven apartment buildings. Over the last eight years, ESS has built a long-term partnership with Aspen Heights and provided turn-key infrastructure services for seven of their multi-family and student housing developments across the country. This partnership is genuinely unique in that our Columbia, Kansas City, and Springfield teams have each had the opportunity to deliver big results for Aspen Heights.

Our partnership with Aspen Heights began in 2012 on a 38-acre project site located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Over the next few years, our teams provided comprehensive civil construction services for Aspen Heights on similar projects in Norman, Oklahoma; Springfield, Missouri; and Columiba, Missouri. ESS teams even traveled south to complete infrastructure packages for two Aspen Heights developments in Corpus Christi, Texas! To date, ESS teams have built more than $25 million worth of infrastructure and helped construct 106 acres of Aspen Heights developments.

Aspen Heights is a national developer who continues to choose ESS to help build their multi-family communities. Billy Wallis, Assistant Vice President, said that, “They know us personally. They know that we can deliver top-notch projects at an incredible pace. Aspen Heights is familiar with how we budget our projects, and continue to partner with us – which says something about our work.”

When asked why Aspen Heights selects ESS as their civil contractor, Wallis said, “ESS continues to win these projects with Aspen Heights because we have executed every scope of work for them before, and continuously excel.”

Jon Nunn, Director of Construction Projects with Aspen Heights has served as a key partner to ESS throughout these projects. Nunn has been with Aspen Heights for more than ten years and serves as the owner’s director on multiple construction projects annually. When searching for a civil contractor to partner with, Nunn explained that “we value our long-term relationships and place a priority on the competency of our contractors – this plays a huge role in our selection of our project partners.”

Nunn stated that the trust Aspen Heights has built with ESS has been a huge part of why they continue to partner with us. Nunn continued to say that “ESS delivers on time. They do what they say they’re going to do, and are very responsive. It makes life a lot easier working with people you trust.”

ESS is proud to say that our employee-owners continue to deliver projects as promised for Aspen Heights! Curious about some of the work we’ve done for them? Check out these power stats listed below!

Power Stats

Stillwater, OK | 2012
Multi-Family Cottage Style Building: 165
Acres: 39
Contract Value: $7.49 M
Corpus Christi, TX Phase I | 2013
Multi-Family Cottage Style Buildings: 109
Acres: 16
Contract Value: $3.7 M
Corpus Christi, TX Phase II | 2014
Multi-Family Cottage Style Buildings: 74
Acres: 11
Contract Value: $2.77 M
Norman, OK | 2015
Multi-Family Cottage Style Buildings: 150
Acres: 22
Final Contract Value: $5.14 M
Springfield, MO | 2015
Mid-Rise Buildings: 1
Acres: 4.5
Contract Value: $1.45 M
Fayetteville, AR | 2020
Garden Style Buildings: 7
Acres: 14
Contract Value: $4.24 M

Published onPublicado en June 4, 2020
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