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The Next Generation of Talent

Emery Sapp and Sons (ESS) is dedicated to recruiting the best of the best, and committed to taking care of those who choose us in return. We’ll never pass up the opportunity to brag about our employee-owners, especially those who give 110% to their work and our company. Let’s get to know one of those individuals, shall we?

Chyann Pate, Operator Class 3

Employee-owner, Chyann Pate is 19 years old and from Steedman, Missouri. After graduating from South Callaway High School, Chyann attended State Technical College in Linn, Missouri where she enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operation Program. Much of Chyann’s initial interest in construction stemmed from family members that had worked in the industry.

ESS has been partnering with State Technical College since 1996. This partnership has offered us the opportunity to help educate students passionate about the construction industry and connect us with extraordinary talent. Chyann was one of those students who showed immense promise. She displayed a willingness to learn and demonstrated a work ethic that few possess. When the time came to choose her future employer, we’re proud to say it was the friendly environment and family atmosphere that drove Chyann to call ESS home.

Chyann has been an employee-owner for 10 months now. She currently serves an Operator Class 3 for a grading crew in Columbia, Missouri. Typically she operates the 627K scraper, a piece of equipment designed to haul hefty amounts of earth and relied on to balance project sites. Oftentimes, the equipment she’s running doesn’t have GPS. Like many skilled operators before her, Chyann has now learned to navigate the terrain and base her cuts and fills off of grade stakes. Chyann’s strong sense of determination and newly-honed skills have not gone unnoticed.

Jim Bishop, foreman with ESS, works with Chyann and has witnessed her enthusiasm on the job. “After knowing Chyann for only a brief time, I already see the potential she has to make this a career and not just another job. Her work ethic is excellent for someone her age,” said Jim.

Sara Snodderley, Workforce Development and Recruitment lead for ESS took part in recruiting Chyann from State Tech. One of Chyann’s home-town best friends, Destiny Musgrove, also joined the ESS family as an Operator Class 3. “Both ladies have been great employee-owners and always went the extra mile when we saw them in action at State Tech. I’m happy to share that Chyann and Destiny had great skills for their age and we were, and continue to be impressed by both of them,” said Sara.

When asked what she enjoys most about her role, Chyann said, “My favorite part about being an employee-owner at ESS is that I’m constantly learning new things and how to take different approaches on projects. Every job site is different and I love going to work. I also love being outdoors and getting to watch the sky change all hours of the day.”

While young in her career, it is evident that Chyann is positioned to have a bright future.

Fun Facts About Chyann

Go-to song when you’re driving to work?
“My on-the-way to work playlist could go anywhere from Alan Jackson, Gospel, George Jones and Johnny Cash, to AC/DC and Queen.”

What is a recent accomplishment you’d like to share?
“Working for ESS this past year, I have been able to fully support myself living on my own as well as pay off my car, buy a new truck and get a dog!”

Favorite things to do outside of ESS?
“Outside of work I like to go on trail rides with horses or ATV’s. I enjoy fishing and hanging out with my friends. My best friend Destiny and I are always finding some sort of trouble to get in.”

Any inside jokes with your crew?
Chyann’s nickname is Sis. Jim Bishop said, “one of the older guys on the crew told her he isn’t good at remembering names, so he was going to call her Sis. The name just stuck.”

Published onPublicado en February 3, 2021
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