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National SMPS Award of Excellence

Hey employee-owners, guess what?! We’re adding to our trophy collection. Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) received two National SMPS Awards of Excellence. That’s right, the best in the country. As a new award to our company, we’ll explain it in a little more detail. These awards might seem a little different than what you’re used to, but we promise you, they’re just as cool. Keep reading.

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is a large and dynamic network of professionals focused on moving the marketing needle in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. This annual competition is the longest-standing, most prestigious awards program recognizing excellence in marketing and communications.

🏆🏆 Now let’s get to the good stuff. ESS received an SMPS Award of Excellence for not one but two of our culture-focused projects that were designed, created and inspired by you, our employee-owners. These completed projects might look a little familiar (at least we hope so)… 😎 Check them out and keep reading to learn more!

Award-Winning Project #1

ESOP Educational Video Series
2021 National Award of Excellence
Internal Video Category

Employee-ownership is an integral part of our core values and the foundation of our culture. This video series focused on communicating important ESOP topics in the most authentic ESS way possible. We also aimed to eliminate the need for a long and stale educational process. After all, we know you have important work to do. If you joined ESS within the past year, consider yourself, spared.

Quick Facts:

  • Recognize the voices? That’s because employee-owners Kyle Osweiler and Pilo Ramirez kindly “volunteered” to be our ESOP Video voice actors. Our talent extends far beyond construction.
  • Watch and listen for real and honest testimonials from retired ESS employee-owners about how great our ESOP really is.
  • Did you know that we have 13 millionaires that are field employee-owners at our company thanks to our ESOP program? Yup, you heard that right.

Watch Video 1: What’s an ESOP?
Watch Video 2: How an ESOP Works
Watch Video 3: ESOP Vesting & Payouts
Watch Video 4: Your Wealth

Award-Winning Project #2

Owner’s Manual & Elevated On-Boarding Experience
2021 National Award of Excellence
Internal Communications/Mixed Media Category

It’s not called an Owner’s Manual for nothing. As a 100% employee owned company, every detail of this project was tailored with our employee-owners in mind. Rugged, compact, bilingual, and direct – it fits in the palm of your hand, or your truck’s glovebox. And if you think employee handbooks are boring, you haven’t read our Owner’s Manual. Gritty, with a touch of sarcasm, this manual is all us.

Quick Facts:

  • Our company is about 83% field employee-owners. With that fact in mind, we needed something tangible, convenient and practical that was going to provide the impact we desired.
  • Recognize these hands? That’s employee-owner Paul Tierney proudly displaying our Owner’s Manual.
  • 2,400 Owner’s Manuals were created just for you. 1,500 were distributed to current employee-owners and hundreds were kept on hand for recruitment efforts!

Never thought that marketing and construction would mix? Think again! A huge shout-out to our agency partner DEG, A Merkel Company, and a big thank you to everyone that was involved in the making of these incredible projects for our current and future employee-owners. We’re excited about these awards and the opportunity to bring back the spotlight on these valuable assets during ESOP Month. Let’s celebrate together.

Dive in and explore our Owner’s Manual now

Other Finalists

ESOP Month Campaign
2021 Merit Award
Direct-Mail Category

Paid Social Recruitment Campaign
2021 Merit Award
Social Media Category

Published onPublicado en September 30, 2021
Awards Premios | ESOP ESOP (Plan de Propiedad de Empleados)


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