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Employee-Owners Who “Bleed Blue” Through Their Commitment to Emery Sapp & Sons

At the 2022 Annual Meeting in Rogers, Arkansas, we recognized three employee-owners who “bleed blue” through their commitment to Emery Sapp & Sons. The Blue Blood Award is given to only three employee-owners each year whose actions go above and beyond each day to better our company. So what exactly does it take to receive this award?

Blue Blood Criteria

  • A minimum of 5 years of service
  • Demonstrates pride in ESS
  • Displays a talent to teach and develop fellow employee-owners
  • Demonstrates pride in his or her work
  • Conducts and aligns him or herself with our core values

Let’s Meet our 2022 Blue Bloods!

Ed Calvert
Project Manager
Columbia, MO

Ed has been a part of the ESS family for 43 years and embodies what it takes to be a Blue Blood. Since he joined the company back in 1978, he has dedicated himself to our employee-owners and has been a mentor to many. Congratulations, Ed!

Lucas Caldwell
Columbia, MO

Lucas is a prime example of what it takes to be a Blue Blood. He has been a part of the ESS family for 24 years and has had a hand in several different areas during his tenure with the company. Lucas is always the first one on the job, rain or shine. Lucas, congratulations on receiving this award — you deserve it!

Ron Mann
Manager of Operations
Springfield, MO

Ron has been with ESS for more than 21 years and serves as Operations Manager in Springfield, Missouri. Ron is known by his team for being trustworthy and the guy you turn to when things don’t go right. He is someone you want on your team. Ron, you have earned this award, and we could not be more proud!


Watch as fellow employee-owners explain why these three Blue Bloods earned this award. 👇

Published onPublicado en March 22, 2022
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