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"Bleeding Blue"

At our 2019 Annual Meeting we started recognizing individuals within our company whose actions show them “bleeding blue” through their daily hard work and commitment to Emery Sapp & Sons. A Blue Blood is someone whose actions go above and beyond each day. So what does it take to become a Blue Blood?

Blue Blood Criteria:
  • A minimum of 5 years service
  • Demonstrates pride in ESS
  • Displays a talent to teach and develop fellow employee-owners
  • Demonstrates pride in his or her work
  • Conducts and aligns him or herself with our core values

2021 Blue Bloods

Virgil Bradbury
Project Superintendent

Virgil has spent the last 22 years with ESS, and is known for his impeccable leadership to our younger generation of employee-owners. His drive and passion for ESS doesn’t go unnoticed. Virgil’s work ethic is a great example of what it means to own what you do.

Brian Sapp
Project Superintendent

For the last 33 years, Brian has been an integral part of our success story here at ESS. His unwavering dedication to safety and ownership have created an environment for prosperity.

Justin Gay
Executive Vice President of Operations

This year we tragically lost Justin, and felt compelled to honor his memory by awarding him the honorary distinction of a Blue Blood. He embodied all the criteria of a Blue Blood, and was known for continuously setting a high bar for success at ESS. He delivered excellence daily, and required it from all of his fellow employee-owners. His passion and devotion to Emery Sapp & Sons and our entire extended ESS family was second to none, and he will be dearly missed.

Congratulations to Virgil, Brian, and Honorary Member Justin for Earning the Blue Bloods Distinction!

Watch as fellow employee-owners announce why these individuals were nominated, and check out these Blue Bloods in action.

Published onPublicado en March 12, 2021
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