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Welcoming Rummel Construction, Inc. into the Emery Sapp Family

We are excited to share that we have welcomed Rummel Construction, Inc. (Rummel) of Phoenix, Arizona into the Emery Sapp family! This partnership brings together two premier civil construction firms whose values, goals, and entrepreneurial spirit align exceptionally well. Both companies have the ability to utilize substantial earthwork and mass grading expertise, as well as utilize a massive fleet of equipment that best serves our production needs.

With more than 675 dedicated team members and a reputation as a top-notch contractor in the region, Rummel will greatly expand our resources and expertise across the Southwest. With the addition of Rummel, we’re excited to now have two brands operating in the Southwest — the second being Achen Gardner Construction. While both brands share a common territory, they largely perform different kinds of work. Outside of unique partnering opportunities, each brand will continue to operate independently of one another.

Robert Gillis, Co-CEO shared, “Rummel is a great organization and has a top-notch leadership team. We always talk about ‘owning’ what you do. I can tell you, their team ‘owns it.’ This opportunity aligns well with our strategic plan and with us culturally. Most importantly, Rummel adds value to our ESOP, increases our capacity, and provides opportunities for all employee-owners.”

Get to Know Rummel

Name: Rummel Construction, Inc. (Rummel)
Office Location: Rummel is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and maintains a satellite office in Tucson, Arizona
Core Services: earthwork and mass grading


Published onPublicado en October 18, 2022
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