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Safety is a Way of Life for Us Here at Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS)

We know we keep saying this, but seriously – safety is a way of life for us here at Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS). And because it is something we keep top of mind at all times, it’s important to us to recognize it when we see it being done well. That’s why we introduced Safety Team of the Quarter, an award that goes to the team who scores the highest on their overall safety performance and fosters a safety-first culture.

Congratulations to the employee-owners of Springfield, our Safety Team of Quarter Three! Their dedication to holding each other accountable and maintaining a culture of safety earned them this brag-worthy title.

Jason Rode, Vice President of the Springfield region, spoke on what set this team up for success:

“When we approach our work with a special focus on safety, quality and production – our ESOP and our employee-owners reap the benefits! This significant accolade earned each member of the team a branded Safety Team of the Quarter hoodie.”

Kevin Smith, Safety Manager, chimed in on the team’s work this quarter:

“Our team has been diligent with our Toolbox Talks. Our trench folks and pipe utility crews’ main focus has been safety. The balance of working through a large number of jobs while maintaining a high level of safety was a struggle we overcame this quarter. We’re gonna continue training this winter and I’ll personally always be a resource to the guys out in the field to assist with any problems.”

Eric Chambers, Pipe Utility Superintendent, spoke about what it was like for those in the field to win this award:

“We had a company request an inspector to check on our job site, which is pretty typical in the industry. I’m proud to report that we were cleared and had no violations, as can be expected on any ESS project. We had some deep trenches on this particular job, and once again I am impressed with our teams. Earning this award means we did it cleaner and safer than any other team this quarter. Gives us bragging rights and makes us feel a little bit like a rooster with its chest puffed out, you know?”

Congratulations to our Springfield employee-owners for your outstanding safety performance during quarter three. Keep up the great work!

Published onPublicado en December 2, 2021
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