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Twice as nice: ESS earns two ABC Arkansas EIC Awards

It’s always exciting when we add an eagle to our trophy collection. This year, we’re doubling down! We brought home TWO Excellence In Construction (EIC) awards from Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Arkansas! On Friday, April 26, our Springdale Municipal Airport Detention Basin and VBT Airport Runway Widening projects were honored at the ABC of Arkansas State Convention. We’re going to need to make more room on our shelves because our employee-owners keep crushing it! 

Springdale Municipal Airport Regional Detention SP21-03

This drainage improvement project in Springdale, Arkansas was awarded in the “Public Works/Environment” category. The City of Springdale needed a space for excess water deposits to counteract the effects of flash flooding. Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) was selected to expand the Springdale Municipal Airport’s existing drainage channel into a 10-acre detention basin. 

“ESS was reliable, easy-to-reach and able to efficiently solve problems on-site,” said Senior Project Manager Katie Hollingshead, PE, CFM, with the Springdale Engineering Department.

Project teams completed 47,000 cubic yards of earthwork export and installed 70 linear feet of box culverts in nine months. The innovative approach, flexibility and commitment to safety ultimately resulted in an award-winning project. With the stormwater solution, the project will have a lasting impact on the City of Springdale both environmentally and economically.

VBT Airport Runway 18-36 Widening

ESS also received an Excellence in Construction in the “Infrastructure: Heavy” category for widening Runway 18-36 at the Bentonville Municipal Airport (VBT) from 65 to 75 feet. The project was needed to ensure the airport complied with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines that state all runways containing six stripes must be at least 75 feet wide.

VBT has one paved landing site, which makes Runway 18-36 vital to airport operations. Working with partners at the City of Bentonville, project teams shut down all aviation operations to allow unfettered access to the jobsite. Crews completed more than 30,000 cubic yards of earthwork, 1,100 tons of asphalt paving, and 2,077 square yards of asphalt milling. Additional work included the construction of 4,400 linear feet of runway lighting improvements and the installation of signage and other navigational aids. This project will support the future growth of VBT by meeting and exceeding FAA guidelines.

Next time you’re flying out of Springdale or Bentonville, look out the window and admire ESS’ excellence in construction. Kudos to both project teams for producing award-winning work!

Published onPublicado en May 8, 2024
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