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New 140-ton TCC1400 Crane

A new Link-Belt Telescopic Crawler Crane has been added to the ESS fleet! This brand new 140-ton TCC1400 crane is redefining industry standards. It comes in a package that’s engineered for exceptional operator ergonomics and maneuverability, thanks to its rugged, heavy-duty crawler tracks and telescoping boom. Adding this crane to our fleet gives our teams more flexibility, agility, and capacity to construct our projects as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“On compact bridge sites, this crane can take the place of two traditional cranes. It can crawl at a 40% grade, and can go places a lattice boom will not go. It’s like having a 140 ton crane mounted on an excavator. As the largest and most technologically advanced crane we own, it’s an impressive addition to our fleet. I can confidently say that we will continue to expand our fleet with industry-leading equipment that helps our teams push the boundaries of what’s possible,” said Scott Zepp, Corporate Equipment Director.

This high-tech piece of equipment was delivered to the Kansas City I-435 and I-70 Interchange project site where we saw it in action for the first time setting girders. Representatives from the crane’s manufacturer have been on site overseeing accurate assembly and ensuring our operators are fully trained on all of the cranes capabilities.

“This crane is the newest model in the industry. I think it’s pretty cool that our company continues to keep up with the new standards, and that I get to work for a company who always utilizes the newest technology,” said Brent Ponder, bridge and structures manager.

Brad McMillin, foreman over our crane fleet and Adam Buckner, certified crane operator will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the Telescopic Crawler Crane. Adam Buckner will serve as the primary operator of this new – and very cool – asset.

Published onPublicado en June 29, 2020
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