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New ESS Plant

We are excited to announce that ESS has added a new mobile Astec plant to our equipment fleet! This investment will continue to elevate our asphalt capabilities. Currently located in Shelbina, Kansas, this mobile plant will support projects throughout the entire MoDOT coverage area. Doug Freeman of the ESS Asphalt – Columbia team will serve as the plant foreman.

The Astec Six Pack asphalt plant sets the standard for portability and productivity. The mixing plant can be set up and operational in very little time. This bad boy produces over 400 tons of asphalt per hour. Introduced in 1983, the Astec Six Pack plant started a revolution in the asphalt pavement industry as the first truly portable asphalt mixing plant available to producers. Since then, it has been established as a superior asset within its league.

Justin Gay, Executive Vice President of Operations said: “The new asphalt plant allows ESS to compete at a high level in the asphalt market. Purchasing the new Astec plant shows ESS’ continued commitment to our employee-owners in our asphalt operations. And it’s just bad*ss!”

This portable plant is known to generate results, and is built to move. We look forward to putting this plant to work!

Published onPublicado en April 28, 2020
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