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Setting the Example at ESS

Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) is proud to have dedicated employee-owners whose determination and grit consistently help us deliver projects as promised. Our crews are top-notch, and their team efforts are the reason we continue to be successful. An excellent example of best-in-class teamwork can easily be seen in Trent Dixon’s structures crew based out of Springfield, Missouri:

Trent Dixon – Foreman
David Pendergrass – Operator Class 1
Trevor Ponder – Carpenter
TJ Dixon – General Laborer
Taylor Armstrong – Skilled Laborer

This crew was put together one year ago to help assist ESS on our I-44 Bridge Rebuild project between Sarcoxie and Halltown in Springfield, Missouri. This dedicated crew of five worked on the bridge over Spring River, which happened to be the longest bridge on our contract. After seven months of working on the I-44 Bridge Rebuild project, Trent’s crew proved they were an unstoppable force. Regarded as a high-performing team, the new crew was kept together and began work on the McDonnel County project.

Brent Ponder, Bridge and Structures Manager, was responsible for assembling this crew together. When deciding who would be fit to lead this new crew mixed with experienced employee-owners and brand new team members, Brent knew exactly who was up to the task. Without hesitation, Brent promoted Trent Dixon to be the crew’s new supervisor. With a 20-year track record of quality leadership and solid industry experience, Trent was asked to step up to lead this team.

What makes this crew unique is that not only is it composed of legacy members and new employee-owners, but four out of five crew members have family who work for ESS. We know not everyone can easily work with their family, however our employee-owners see it differently. Those who work alongside someone they love have an extra stake in the game.

“Trent is very capable and has the industry knowledge to be able to do this job, and do it well. He is detail oriented and understands how to complete this project step by step. He’s got some growth in his future, and I have no doubt that under his supervisor, his team will continue to be successful,” stated Brent Ponder.

More From Crew Supervisor Trent Dixon

What makes you most proud of your crew?
“This is our first year together, and many of the guys’ first year at ESS but they do a solid job.”

If you could give your crew a nickname, what would it be?
I’d call us a dysfunctional family – but we are a family – and we get it done.

What’s your crew’s motto?
“Make it happen.”

3 words to describe your crew:
“Old, young and middle aged. We’re a team of all different ages and experience levels which I think is pretty cool!”

Published onPublicado en November 30, 2020
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