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36 Total Winners

This year, 36 proud employee-owners will be styling in their very own 5-Year Vested Employee-Owner Jackets. These individuals were recognized for their commitment to their craft and to Emery Sapp & Sons. How do you earn one of these fine jackets? It’s simple. If you rack up over 1000 hours in a given year, that will count as one vested year. After five of those puppies, you’ll proudly be zipping up your very own 5-Year Vested Employee-Owner Jacket.

They’ve put in the years and the hours. They’ve owned their job, and now they proudly own this symbol of prestige.

Complete 2021 Recipients List

Julio Aldaco
Justin Anderson
Ryan Bailey
Andrew Baker
Jeremy Bexten
Christopher Blumhagen
Nathaneal Callahan
Eugene Chizek
Michael D Crane
Charles Denny
Russell Donoho
Omar Farfan Tapia
Nathan Gall
Michelle Shelton
Sean Green
Dominick Guthrie
Stephen Hawkins
Jeremy Hestand
Jeffrey Holden
Seth Johnston
Robert Mayhall
Lake McCollum
Jeffrey Ogletree
Kyle Osweiler
Dennis Page
Ronnald Piper
Zachary Regan
Thomas Rickerson
Tyler Rodgers
Eleazar Sanchez Sr
Adam Schooler
Dale Shoemate
Sabas Trejo-Lugo
Tracy Ultican
Brody Watson

Published onPublicado en March 12, 2021
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