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About Employee-Owner, Aaron Matthess

What do you do when you’re given another opportunity? Our very own employee-owner, Aaron Matthess, took advantage of a second chance that led him to Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS)!

When Aaron crossed through the doors of Job Point, he was determined to find stability and a career that gave him purpose. Job Point is an organization that focuses on connecting people with employment all while providing education to better themselves and their skill set. Aaron made a mindful decision to walk away from substance use and abuse, and commit to going to Job Point where he started his journey to take a turn for the better in 2019. As Aaron continued on his journey with the program and obtaining treatment, he unexpectedly lost his father. Due to this tragic event, Aaron quit going to Job Point, as well as his treatment.

“I had to grasp the reality of my life and see where I was heading if I kept going back down this path. It hit me that I had to make the decision of either going back to Job Point or going to jail. I had the realization that I could have a whole lot more out of life if I worked hard for it,” said Aaron.

Fast forward to 2021, Aaron has a new mindset walking into Job Point. He has a fierceful drive to turn it around in treatment and make the best of the situation. With this attitude, he was able to complete the 16-week program at Job Point, finish his schooling, earn his CDL, and eventually, secure an interview with ESS. Aaron dug deep in a time that truly mattered and showed his resilience and determination to find a better life for himself.

Aaron’s hard work certainly paid off and we’re proud to say that Aaron is the 2022 Award of Excellence Winner!

Job Point nominates three people who come through their program that have shown an incredible amount of perseverance, true dedication, and consistency. Aaron exceeded all those expectations and then some.

“I wanted to win this award because it just solidifies that if you want to improve yourself and you put in the hard work, there’s nothing that can stop you. Reflecting on what I’ve been through and where I was at compared to now makes me really proud and humble to have received this award,” says Aaron.

“Aaron has such a positive attitude and is always expressing his willingness to help out wherever he is needed. He’s eager about work and getting the job done,” says Aaron’s manager, Scott Zepp, Corporate Equipment Director.

Aaron has made himself an inspiration to others by showing the power of setting and achieving any goal in mind. He states that working at ESS has significantly helped him grow as a person and has changed his outlook on his future. Aaron had dreams and goals that he wanted for himself and that was all the motivation he needed to go out and make them happen. This award symbolizes that if you set your mind to it and become determined to meet that ambition, you can achieve anything.

Through becoming more career oriented, Aaron says, “I just want to represent my company in the best way I possibly can. I’m constantly pushing myself to be the best I can be for those I’m working for. I’m always trying to progress myself and promote myself, as well as ESS.”

Huge kudos to Aaron! 👏 We couldn’t be more proud to have him a part of our ESS family!

Published onPublicado en April 27, 2022
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