Rogers Executive Airport

Transient Aprons

Rogers, AR
Rogers Executive Airport Transient Aprons

Emery Sapp and Sons were contracted by the City of Rogers for the removal and replacement of the East and Southeast pre-existing asphalt transient airport aprons at the Rogers, AR executive airport. This project required to be completed in two phases. Phase one lasted 12 months, while phase two the final phase was completed in 5 months.

Owner City of Rogers, AR

Civil Engineer Garver

ESS Role General Contractor

Project Duration 17 months

Self-Performed 85%

Scope of Work

Emery Sapp & Sons completed the project in two phases incorporating over 38,000 cubic yards of base rock with a combined 38,000 square yards of asphalt paving and 35,300 square yards of concrete paving. ESS also built the underdrains utilizing 1,200 linear feet of 8″ water line and 700 linear feet of storm sewer, along with completing the striping and lighting.

Concrete 35,300 SY

Asphalt 38,000 SY

Excavation & Grading 19,300 CY

Storm Sewer 700 LF

Water Line 1,200 LF