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The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) selected Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) as the General Contractor for the I-44 Bridge Bundle reconstruction project in 2022. Crews worked to extend the life of the existing 25 bridges along I-44 and support the safety of commuters traveling in southwest Missouri. More than 4,400 cubic yards of concrete have been utilized on this project so far. ESS has encountered several unforeseen circumstances which required new communication and safety plans. Initially, it was anticipated that the pier cap on one of the bridges would be utilized in its current position. Upon removal of the bridge, crews determined that the condition had deteriorated to the point that a full bridge replacement was necessary.

The ESS and MoDOT crews moved quickly to redesign the bridge and procure additional materials in a timely manner. In total, it took three weeks to remove the existing bridge and pier cap, redesign the replacements, gather materials, and construct it. On a typical bid-build project, a setback like this could have resulted in several months of delay. This $38 million project is expected to be completed on schedule within the next year.

25 EA
Concrete Paving
4,400 CY

StatusEstado: In Progress
Last Updated onUltima actualización en August 7, 2023