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The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) awarded this $54.8 million project to Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) to expand a five-mile section of U.S. 166 in Cherokee County. This expansion will replace a two-lane roadway between the U.S. 166/U.S. 400 and U.S. 166/K-26 junctions with a divided four-lane, access controlled highway. The addition of these lanes will increase the safety and accessibility of the residents of Cherokee County by providing more space on the roadway. The extended expressway will be built on an offset alignment south of the existing highway. Early phases of the project include equipment staging, clearing, and bridge work.

The crew has faced substantial inconsistencies within the geological features of the work site. One of these unforeseen challenges includes varying elevation of the bedrock. In order to complete this project on schedule, ESS has adjusted several of the bridge foundations in progress as well as reworking the mass grading plan.

This project is one of a few in the country to be paved using stringless asphalt technology. Stringless technology operates from fixed points which control the elevation of the asphalt through electronic modes during steering and grading, ultimately decreasing the risk of human error. The crew in Cherokee County is leading the way for innovation within the industry. The project is expected to be completed in May 2024.

Grading & Excavation
1,400,000 CY
Storm Water
6,191 LF
8 EA
Concrete Paving
8,028 CY

StatusEstado: In Progress
Last Updated onUltima actualización en June 10, 2024