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The Streets of West Pryor included a large excavation project and a complete reconstruction and realignment of Lowenstein Drive and Black Twig Lane. The relocation of the two roads and sidewalks provided vehicular and pedestrian access to the mixed-use development and Lowenstein Park. These improvements help increase the quality of life for residents of Lee’s Summit. Emery Sapp & Sons’ (ESS)’ scope of work included the extension of the sanitary sewer and water service throughout the project.

After construction began, teams experienced record-breaking amounts of rainfall that were expected to hinder production on-site. ESS project teams tackled this challenge with efficient dewatering tactics and were able to keep the operations on schedule.

In the pre-construction phase, it was discovered that quarry mine shafts extended under the entire property. Additionally, The massive existence of rock underground posed challenges to grading and utility scope. ESS teams provided a solution and were able to successfully remove the rock using large hydraulic breakers and excavators. At one time, there were a total of 13 breakers in operation.

Flexibility and efficiency were vital to maintaining an on-schedule process. Throughout operations, ESS project teams adapted to the circumstances and produced quality service. ESS crews are proud to lay the foundation for the Streets of West Pryor development and are excited to see how this project shapes future economic opportunities for Lee’s Summit communities.

Grading & Excavation
600,000 CY
Underground Utilities
11,900 LF
Storm Water
8,500 LF
Water Line
3,400 LF
Concrete Paving
4,600 LF

StatusEstado: Completed
Last Updated onUltima actualización en August 14, 2023