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The Fort Smith Regional Airport Runway 8-26 Extension project was awarded to Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) to expand and smooth part of airport's primary runway. The nearly $22 million project added 1,500 feet to Runway 8-26, allowing larger aircraft to safely land. The now 9,300-foot runway was extended in conjunction with the taxiway running parallel to it. Crews upgraded and relocated the NAVAID systems, or Navigational Aids, provided by the Federal Aviation Administration to increase the precision of landing for commercial aircraft.

One of the largest challenges encountered during the completion of this project involved the electrical scope of work required. ESS collaborated with an engineer to remove existing equipment and grade for future equipment locations while waiting for the electrical NAVAID scope of the project to exit its design phase. The added months of preparation caused ESS and the airport to develop a new schedule to complete the project in a timely and safe manner.

Not only does this project provide support to current pilots at Fort Smith, but future generations to come as the Air National Guard supports a flight training center on Runway 8-26. In total, crews graded and excavated more than 425,000 cubic yards of dirt and paved an additional 35,000 square yards of concrete. The Fort Smith Regional Airport Runway 8-26 Extension project was completed in 18 months.

Grading & Excavation
425,000 CY
Underground Utilities
4,000 LF
Concrete Paving
34,900 SY

StatusEstado: In Progress
Last Updated onUltima actualización en June 24, 2024