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Silver Dollar City is a highly traveled destination and offers a one-of-a-kind experience for all families in the Midwest. Knowing that this project was on a strict deadline with no wiggle room, our crews were up for the challenge to bring a bigger and better parking lot and entryway into the park before the season started. Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) was the general contractor for the new and improved Silver Dollar City Parkway and Parking Lot Improvements. This project consisted of expanding the parking lot as well as adding a bridge and pedestrian panel. The scope of work included site demolition, excavation and grading, underground utilities, and concrete and asphalt paving. The biggest challenge for this project was the crucial deadline that was set. Our crews had 3 months to complete the underpass in order for the park to open on time for the spring and summer crowds. This meant that our crews needed to work around the clock so that pedestrians and traffic could safely enter the park. Not only was there a tight schedule in place, but our teams also endured working all throughout the winter and the snowy weather that came with it.
Grading & Excavation
192,240 CY
Storm Water
1 EA
Concrete Paving
5,255 SY

StatusEstado: In Progress
Last Updated onUltima actualización en August 14, 2023