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Project OverviewDescripción del proyecto

This project consisted of widening US 65 to a six-lane highway (three lanes in each direction) between US 60 and Evans Road. The project length was approximately 4.5 miles long and the average annual daily traffic (AADT) for this section of the highway was more than 84,000 vehicles per day. Due to migratory bird issues on the bridge, ESS could not begin construction until after the summer. Even with the compressed schedule, ESS completed the critical widening in time resulting in incentive payment.

There were two major bridges over Lake Springfield that were within the project limits. The southbound structure was widened and re-decked in stages while maintaining traffic flow. The northbound bridge was demolished and replaced with a four-span concrete NU girder structure. The resulting scope of work included: 27,000 cubic yards of grading, 30,200 tons of base rock, 62,040 square yards of asphalt, 104,600 linear feet of pavement markings, highway lighting, signage, and guardrails, 5,100 square yards of concrete, 17,730 linear feet of concrete traffic barriers, and 12,200 linear feet and 210 structures of storm sewer. The bridge and structural work included 476 vertical feet of drilled shafts, 203 vertical feet of rock sockets, 119,000 lbs of rebar, 464,170 lbs of structural steel, and 3,788 linear feet of precast concrete girders for one slab on steel, six-span, multi-phase, variable depth steel girder bridge, and 1 slab on NU girder, four-span bridge.

Grading & Excavation
27,000 CY
Underground Utilities
12,200 LF
Storm Water
12,000 LF
2 EA
Concrete Paving
5,100 SY

StatusEstado: Completed
Last Updated onUltima actualización en July 24, 2023