Jasper County Route I-44

Joplin Industrial Park Interchange

Joplin, MO
Jasper County Route I-44 Joplin Industrial Park Interchange

The Missouri Highway Commission contracted Emery Sapp & Sons to construct a new interchange for the industrial park in Joplin, MO. To alleviate congestion the new interchange required an I-Girder bridge that runs over I-44 and two new roundabouts located on either side of the bridge.

Owner Missouri Highway Commission

Civil Engineer URS Corporation

ESS Role General Contractor

Project Duration 10 months

Self-Performed 85%

Scope of Work

In addition to erecting the I-Girder bridge over I-44, ESS moved 280,000 cubic yards of material and placed 53,600 square yards of base rock. ESS completed 33,000 square yards of 8″ PCCP concrete paving and 6,000 linear feet of curb and gutter. The project received 1,800 linear feet of storm sewer utilities and the roundabouts and side roadways received 1,400 tons of asphalt pavement.

Bridge 1

Excavation & Grading 280,000 CY

Concrete 33,000 SY

Curb & Gutter 6,000 LF

Asphalt 1,400 TN

Storm Sewer 1,800 LF