Perry County Route AC

Perryville, MO
Perry County Route AC

Emery Sapp & Sons worked with the Missouri Department of Transportation to pave the two-mile stretch of Route AC highway to allow future expansion of an industrial park. While MoDOT’s project schedule allowed enough time for the contractor to pave the project the following summer, ESS set its sights on completing the project by the end of the year. This was going to be challenging in and of itself and receiving over 12″ of rain during the month of August did not help get the project off to a good start. However, ESS utilized stringless paving operations throughout the subgrade preparation to help get back on track after the weather had started us behind schedule. ESS was able to substantially complete this project approximately 9 months ahead of schedule.

Owner Missouri Department of Transportation

Civil Engineer Missouri Department of Transportation

ESS Role General Contractor

Project Duration 4 months

Self-Performed 85%

Awards 2017 ACPA State Road Paving Award

Scope of Work

Using stringless paving techniques ESS paved the two-mile stretch of highway and shoulders using 39,945 square yards of concrete. Overall excavation quantities exceeded 93,000 cubic yards, embankment equaled 60,594 cubic yards, and 1,183 linear feet of storm sewer utilities were placed.

Concrete Paving 39,945 SY

Excavation & Grading 93,477 CY

Embankment 60,594 CY

Storm Sewer 1,183 LF