Machens Volkswagen

Columbia, MO
Machens Volkswagen

The Machens Volkswagen project was a self-performed site infrastructure package. This allowed for smooth coordination of tasks with the general contractor, Little Dixie Construction. Completion of the project and staying within budget were the results of this project-long partnership, as well as an even stronger relationship with the Machens Dealership Group for both parties.

Owner Joe Machens Auto Group

General Contractor Little Dixie Construction

Civil Engineer Engineering Surveys and Services

ESS Role Subcontractor

Project Duration 5 months

Self-Performed 85%

Scope of Work

Existing uncontrolled fills were determined to be present across the site which required remediation of voids and deleterious material. ESS was able to accomplish the compaction requirements with sizing and incorporating these onsite materials in nonstructural fill locations. ESS was able to overcome the 80,000 cubic yards of suitable borrow material by utilizing export material resources from area projects. Additionally, an underground detention system was eliminated by obtaining additional property to allow for traditional detention for storm drainage runoff, providing a savings of $200,000 to the owner. Value engineering and constant communication ensured smooth construction operations and ESS was able to provide a building pad site to the owner in a timely manner and within their budget.

Excavation & Grading 50,000 CY

Asphalt Paving 19,800 SY

Sidewalk 7,700 SF

Curb & Gutter 4,000 LF

Storm Sewer 3,000 LF, 35 structures

Sanitary Sewer 1,100 LF

Water Line 1,235 LF