Meet Your New Certified Safety Professional – Kyle Osweiler

Sarah Brown | Thursday May 6, 2021

Our employee-owners operate on the belief that success transpires from hard work and enthusiasm for your career. What you do is important, but why you decide to go after it matters most. The individuals who chase after their goals and know their purpose, truly sweep the board. And you can always count on Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS) employee-owners to do just that.

We’d like to congratulate one of those devoted employee-owners, Kyle Osweiler, on passing the Board of Certified Safety Professionals exam (CSP). Kyle is one of our Safety Managers at ESS and has been with our company for 4 years. The certification was no easy mission, but the hard work pays off. Hats off to you Kyle!

The CSP certification is globally recognized by the highest of qualifications set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The value of this accomplishment is two-fold – it’s rewarding and beneficial. A CSP is pertinent in a variety of industries and covers a wide range of material. Much like accountants who pursue a CPA, board certification in the safety field puts credential holders among the most highly trained, educated and experienced professionals. It’s quite the distinction.

At ESS, we take safety very seriously. Although not required, earning a title like the CSP goes beyond the expectations of achievement, and in our opinion, yields some pretty sweet bragging rights! Check out what it takes to earn and keep these letters:


  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Four years of safety experience
  3. Must have a Board CSP Qualified Credential
  4. Must pass the CSP examination
  5. Retain Certification

Millions of flashcards later and Kyle officially completed all of the requirements to become a CSP on March 31. “Safety is a core value of Emery Sapp, as well as one of mine. It’s a vision that has gotten me far in my career, and one that will continue to help me grow. Even though the preparation was heavy, and balancing the workload with other commitments was certainly challenging, I’m looking forward to utilizing my certification on the job. Man – I’m just glad it’s over! Nonetheless, I definitely have ESS to thank for the support and resources that were offered to me during this process. This company helped make the pursuit to become a CSP worthwhile.” – Kyle Osweiler, Safety Manager

Jeffrey Stephens, our DOT & Environmental Compliance Manager at ESS shared some kind words about Kyle’s road to becoming a CSP. “Kyle first joined ESS through a summer internship program while attending the University of Central Missouri (UCM). As an intern, he took initiative and shadowed our field supervisors to learn about crew practices and procedures, as well as what hazards can arise on the job. After graduating from UCM with his Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management, it was a no-brainer that Kyle would be an excellent fit to the ESS team. The rest is history. It’s amazing to witness first-hand how far he has come since being an intern with us. I’m proud to see Kyle become a vested employee-owner and the second CSP in the whole company.”