The Final Stop: New Dump Truck Drivers

Sarah Brown | Thursday February 3, 2022

These truckers just made their final stop. Back in early January, we officially welcomed eight new employee-owners and sixteen new trucks and other equipment to Emery Sapp & Sons (ESS). What did their route to ESS look like? Local to our Columbia, Missouri region, these guys came from a family-owned transportation company called Gallup Trucking, LLC. ESS worked closely with Clint and Bridget Gallup, the owners and founders of Gallup Trucking, to transition its dump truck and haul truck driver teams to our ESS Equipment team.

Several ESS leaders were involved in spearheading this hiring initiative to enhance our transportation capabilities in the Columbia market. Shawn Sapp, Executive Vice President of Operations, Amy Allen, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, and Scott Zepp, Corporate Equipment Director, all played a vital role in bringing these drivers aboard. These new employee-owners will support our equipment operations in Columbia as dump truck and haul truck drivers.

“The purpose of this decision was two-fold,” Amy Allen shared. “As a company, we were looking to obtain more dump trucks for our projects in the Columbia area. The second part of this initiative was to enhance our hauling capabilities overall. I have no doubt these eight employee-owners and our newly expanded fleet will help us accomplish that objective, and they have already made a great addition to the team.”

When it makes good cultural and business sense, ESS will continue growing our teams, our equipment fleet, and capabilities in all areas of the company. With the addition of these new employee-owners, and the equipment that came with them, we are proud to say that these wheels will never stop turning.

Please help us in welcoming our eight new employee-owners in Columbia!

Eddie Chick


Robert Eckhoff


Ron Glascock


Ben Manns


Chris Melbern


Cody Morton


Shane Whitacre


Dennis Wooten