Union Berkley Riverfront Park

Kansas City, MO
Union Berkley Riverfront Park

With a desire to turn a historic part of Kansas City into a more developed area, Union – Berkley Riverfront is an apartment complex with the sole purpose to provide more housing options for the River Market area. ESS completed the roadwork and utility packages for the development and helped maximize real estate potential with unique changes to the detention basins.

Owner Port Authority

Developer F&C Berkley Park KC, LLC

General Contractor MW Builders

Civil Engineer Taliaferro & Browne, Inc.

ESS Role Subcontractor

Project Duration 18 months

Self-Performed 100%

Scope of Work

ESS was in charge of roadwork and utilities surrounding the apartment complex. The project concluded with 5,700 square yards of concrete, 4,500 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter, 5,000 cubic yards of excavation and grading, over 4,300 linear feet of combined underground utility work and 3,800 square yards of asphalt. Sitting on a tight spot, detention basins were innovatively placed inside the medians allowing no sacrifices to be made to overall real estate to the complex. These basins total at 24,000 cubic feet and also support easier drainage and detention of water due to their unique location.

Concrete 5,700 SY

Curb & Gutter 4,500 LF

Excavation & Grading 5,000 CY

Storm Sewer 1,700 LF

Sanitary Sewer 216 LF

Water Line 2,400 LF