South Liberty Parkway Phase II Design-Build

Liberty, MO
South Liberty Parkway Phase II Design-Build

Emery Sapp & Sons were chosen as the Design-Builder to construct a 4-lane arterial roadway project, an instrumental infrastructure improvement to help drive economic development in the corridor between east and west Liberty, MO. The South Liberty Parkway Project extended South of Liberty Parkway from Withers Roads to Highway 291 passing through previously undeveloped real estate primarily to be used for small farming operations. The addition of the four-lane parkway opens the area to new commercial and residential developments. The 2.5 miles of new roadway also provides commuters with an alternative route to Highway 291. As the Design-Builder, ESS was challenged to develop an early GMP to fast-track the project schedule. ESS was also challenged to develop a proactive and collaborative design and schedule that accommodated all stakeholders including adjacent landowners, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), Central Pacific Railway (CPRR), and BNSF Railway.

Owner City of Liberty, MO

Civil Engineer TranSystems

ESS Role General Contractor

Project Duration 23 months

Self-Performed 85%

Awards 2019 Capstone Award - Infrastructure

Scope of Work

The project included site clearing, erosion control, earthwork, aggregate base, guard rail, fencing, street lighting, site seeding, and landscaping. Additionally, the project included the construction of two bridges one of which utilized a girder launching technique. The first bridge that spans over the Union Pacific/Central Pacific railway was a 188′ two-span precast bridge with NU girders and a 65′ wide deck. The second was a 703′ six-span bridge with NU girders and a 65′ wide deck over the BNSF railway and Little Shoal Creek. Overall the project included 750,000 cubic yards of excavation and grading, 80,285 square yards of Type 5 base rock, 6,000 linear feet of storm sewer, 36 storm sewer structures, 18,000 linear feet of 16″ water line and 5,000 linear feet of 12″ water line. Furthermore, the project includes a pedestrian path, 65,000 square yards of 10″ asphalt pavement, 3,500 square yards of 12″ MoDOT Superpave asphalt, two 12×12 concrete reinforced concrete boxes (RCB), 63,000 square feet of sidewalks, and two new traffic signals at Withers and MO-291.

Bridges 2

Excavation & Grading 750,000 CY

Asphalt 68,500 SY 10" and 12"

Storm Sewer 6,000 LF, 36 structures

Water Line 23,000 LF combined

Sidewalk 63,000 SF