McDonald County I-49

McDonald County
McDonald County I-49

In May of 2020 ESS teams began work on a 5 mile stretch of divided highway connecting Arkansas to Missouri on Interstate 49. The McDonald County I-49 project was the last remaining segment of ArDOT and MoDOT’s plan to connect the two states. The completion of this project will decrease traffic congestion and make commuting much easier for both Arkansans and Missourians alike.

Owner MoDOT

General Contractor ESS

Start Date May 11, 2021

Anticipated Completion Date September 30, 2021

Scope of Work

Employee-owners have been hard at work on the McDonald County I-49 project since May 2020. Our teams have successfully moved 3.5 Million cubic yards of dirt and rock excavation, paved more than 237,000 square yards of concrete, and placed 9,000 tons of asphalt pavement. Our employee-owners completed an impressive 60% of this project in 2020. Employee-owners will continue to grind out the remaining 40% in 2021. Our teams are scheduled to complete this project at the end of September 2021.